Let’s talk motivations

Are you aware of what drives your behaviours and reactions to loved ones, work/school colleagues, and different situations and life events?

We are all hard wired to want to feel a specific way, and also to avoid feeling emotions that we don’t like. Basically, seeking and avoiding is what drives human behaviour. When you adopt behaviours that don’t serve you it creates internal stress and symptoms begin to develop. Symptoms are simply your body trying to get your attention!

Things we seek:

  • To feel close and connected to others

  • To be cared for

  • To feel valued, acknowledged

  • To feel accepted and liked

  • To feel safe and secure

Things we avoid:

  • Feeling vulnerable leading to hurt

  • Other people being unhappy

  • Loss, grief, sadness

  • Feeling judged by others

  • Fear and being alone

During a session, we will explore your specific seek/avoid patterns that dictate your behaviour and reactions, and that contribute to any specific symptoms you may be experiencing.


Limiting beliefs

A limiting belief is a subconscious program that gets in the way of you feeling that you can achieve what you want. These beliefs are usually programmed at a young age when you didn’t have the ability or emotional resources to process a specific event, or series of events.

Become aware of the language that you use, the following examples will let you know that there is some rule or specific belief involved:

  • I have to …

  • I must …

  • I should …

  • I shouldn’t …

  • I can’t …

  • I’ll never …

During a session, using muscle monitoring, we will uncover any subconscious limiting beliefs that are preventing you from connecting with your own truth and living the life you truly desire.



This is the important bit and where you can learn a lot about yourself if you’re willing to take responsibility for being triggered rather than blaming how you feel on the person or event that triggered you! Our external world is just a reflection of our internal world and any specific event has no particular meaning until we ascribe our own meaning to that event. That meaning will depend on your seek and avoid motivations and your (limiting) belief system. Every one of us has emotional needs, but when you try to meet these needs through external validation it is akin to giving your power away.

Always, the answer is somewhere inside YOU!

Each session is tailored specifically for the person and what is required to return to optimal emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment
— Lao Tzu