What is Kinesiology?

Holistic Kinesiology is natural, non-invasive, safe, and a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing. It incorporates the Western understanding of anatomy and physiology and the richness of Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophies. Encompassing Mind-Body Medicine it is an effective modality for both physical and emotional issues, as the two cannot be separated. In fact, there is more information sent from the body to the brain than vice versa, which means that how we perceive our environment is extremely important.

Addressing the mind, body and spirit, a session aims to restore balance to the body’s many interconnecting systems which interact constantly and intricately with the nervous system. Imbalances may be musculoskeletal, digestive, hormonal, psycho-emotional or energetic in nature.

Kinesiology uses the art of gentle muscle testing to access the subconscious body to isolate the causal factors of these imbalances, and a range of techniques are then applied to restore balance and thus facilitate improved health, wellbeing and vitality. The treatment you receive depends on the feedback your body gives through the muscle test and what it needs to return to optimum health.

Our own belief system dictates how we react to life’s daily stressors. The truth is that our reactions are triggered by outside events, but how we respond to any given situation is governed by our internal world. For example, three people all have the exact same experience yet they will each react differently based on their own meaning that they ascribe to the situation or event.

A kinesiology session can help to uncover these subconscious drivers of behaviours, helping you to un-learn attitudes that no longer serve you, improving your relationship with not only yourself but with family, loved ones, children, friends and work colleagues.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right..
— Henry Ford